It is easy to fish crabs

Have you tried to catch crabs and do you know how to do this?

If you are by the water near a bathing bridge boat bridge, then you are right where you can catch crabs, because they live in the seaweed around the bridge posts. You can also find them around the poles at the pier or under the big rocks that are laid out to break the waves.

It's just getting started. The only thing you need is a string that you tie on the stick that will be your fishing rod and a cloth clamp that you attach to the end of the string along with a small stone. The cloth clamp must keep the bait and ensure that the crab comes up. You must also have a bucket to store the crabs in. The bait can be mussels from the shore edge or a little topping from the fridge.

If you are fishing with mussels, you must punch the shell or open it in some other way so that the crab can get hold of the mussel.


When you feel that there are bites, it is about pulling the cord gently and getting the crab down into the bucket. The crabs can do well without water for a couple of hours, but then they must be released and they are not long to find the water again.

Enjoy the crab fishing!

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