Fyelmose Naturfiskepark


Birknæsvej 7, 8752 Østbirk

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Fyelmose Naturfiskepark is situated naturally in a landscape between meadows, woods and hills. A spring ensures the continuous aeration and water exchange with overflow directly to Gudenåen. The water quality is high and the water environment is healthy.


Fyelmose Naturfiskepark has a natural lake of 55,000 m2 and a water depth of 0-17 meters. You can fish from three islands and 2 km of lake shore.
The large lake is divided into a children's lake, a family's lake   and a nature lake.

Fish in children's lake and familiy's lake: Rainbow trout and golden trout
Fish in nature lake: Rainbow / gold / source / creek / tiger / bright and sterile trout.
Other species: Zander / eel / pike, perch and carp must be released.
Fishing license: Fishing lcards may be paid with Mobilepay / Swipp to number 4054 4533
Two types of cards:
1. Yellow card with low price and catch limit
2. Red cards with higher price and without catch limit
For both yellow and red card the price for rod number two  is the same as the price for rod number onde.
Opening hours: Open from 05:00
Night fishing is permitted until October 30 if you check in no later than. 23:00

Phone.Lene +45 6066 2928.

E-mail: contact@fyelmose.dk

NB! We cannot guarantee that the quoted prices will still apply.

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Gult fiskekort 2 Timer /2 fisk
100.00 DKK
Gult fiskekort 4 Timer / 3 fisk
120.00 DKK
Gult fiskekort 6 Timer / 4 fisk
140.00 DKK
Barn 0-11 år Gult kort / 2 fisk
70.00 DKK
Ung 12-15 år Gult kort /2 fisk
90.00 DKK
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